Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery | Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Robotic SurgeryProstate cancer is a form of cancer that affects men globally. It has a high survival rates when it is detected early. For this to happen, men are encouraged to always go for screenings in order to check for the state of their prostate glands. The glands form part of the male reproductive organs and it is responsible for the production of seminal fluid. It is located below the bladder and that’s why one of its major symptoms involves the urinary system.

There are tests to be done to check for the cancerous cells and they include the rectum examination which is practically done by a doctor to check on the size of the prostate glands. The second test is the Prostate Specific antigen (PSA) test which is a blood test done to determine the level of a particular protein found in the glands. High levels of the protein indicate that there is a high chance of having the cancer. Once it has been determined by a qualified doctor that on has prostate cancer, treatments are started immediately. There are many treatment options to be chosen and it will depend on the progression of the disease this is where the doctor will determine the stage using the Gleason score grading system. The patient can also choose the best treatment option based on their preferences and financial ability as cancer treatments are very costly.

Prostate Cancer Robotic SurgeryProstate Cancer Robotic SurgeryProstate Cancer Robotic Surgery
Robotic Surgery: This is a form of treatment for prostate cancer and it was first performed in 1986 when PUMA a robotic arm was used to place a needle for a brain biopsy, while in the guidance of a qualified surgeon. The latest robotic procedure was developed by da Vinci surgical system and has been used to surgically remove the cancerous cells on the prostate glands. Its major benefits are that it enables surgeons to perform the procedures with accuracy and precision. It prevents a lot of blood loss which is usually experienced in other surgery processes. It enables the patient to heal faster and has been proven and tested by surgeons all over the world.

Conclusion: As much as there are no major risks involved you must make sure that it is the best option for you. In some cases the robotic system may malfunction causing the procedure to be aborted. Health facilities and organizations are continuously researching through embracing the modern technologies to ensure that the patient gets the best treatments.

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