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Prostate Cancer SurgeryProstate cancer affects the prostate glands which is located below the bladder. The gland is found in the reproductive system and its main function is to produce seminal fluid in males. The cancer is ranked the fourth that largely affects men of black ethnic groups because of the high levels of testosterone hormones in them. It is important for regular medical checks in order for early detection of prostate cancer. When the cancer is found at the early stages, surgery may be done. The medical term for prostate cancer surgery used by doctors is called radical prostatectomy, this is whereby a surgical procedure is done to completely remove the prostate glands and some affected surrounding tissues and also treating of the urinary problems that are experienced when one has prostate cancer.

Main benefit of the Surgery: Radical prostatectomy is the best option because the procedure is able to completely destroy the cancerous cells and prevent it from spreading to other important body organs like the lymph nodes.

Open surgery: In this operation procedure, an incision is done in the lower abdomen to enable the surgeons reach the prostate glands and surgically remove it. This form of surgery is done to prevent the cancerous cells from affecting the surrounding organs. The doctors, based on the diagnosis will be able to determine the best treatment option for you. You must ensure that the surgeon chosen is competent and has done several other successful operations; this is because of the risks involved.
Prostate Cancer SurgeryProstate Cancer SurgeryProstate Cancer Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery: In this procedure small incisions are made in the abdomen which will enable the surgeons access the prostate glands and remove it completely. The surgical instruments used are for providing light and video feeds of the area around the prostate glands to enable them determine the extent of the affected area.

Robotic Surgery: This procedure has been enhanced by the adoption of the latest technologies; it is done as the laparoscopic surgery only that it is done using a computer controlled robotic system that moves precisely to remove the prostate glands. This type of surgery needs very highly competent surgeons who are conversant with the operations of the robotic machine. It is the best when the cancerous cells are still confined on the prostate glands.

Before you go for the surgery it is important that you know the risks involved with the surgery. They include bleeding, Urinary fistula, Urethra complications, Urethral obstruction and death.

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