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prostate cancerProstate cancer is increasingly affecting men all over the world. Its risk factors include family history this is in cases where your close relatives had prostate cancer, age especially from 50 years and above, race as it mostly affects African American men although facts are not clear on the reason and also your general health condition as obese men. The prostate gland is a very important organ in a man’s reproductive system as it is responsible for production of semen and is situated below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Although it’s main cause is not clear health experts are stressing on the need for men with greater risks of the disease to always go for regular tests.

Early Detection

Prostate cancer symptoms are not easily noticed during the initial stages but it is advised that you should always go for medical checks so that you can be cured as it is possible when detected early. During the physical examination your doctor will do an examination where he will examine your rectum; this will enable proper analysis of the size of the gland. In cases where the gland has increased in size, the doctor will start treatments so as to eradicate the cancerous cells before they advance.

prostate cancerprostate cancerprostate cancer

In cases where prostate cancer is not detected early, the symptoms start to be noticeable as it advances and when treatment is not given then the survival rates become minimal.


Be on the watch for changes in urination, you will experience very frequent urination, painful urination, painful ejaculation, in some cases blood may be found in your semen and urine, erectile dysfunction and constant pains in lower back, thighs and hip location. It is advised that you seek immediate medical attention so that the doctor can start treatments based on the progression of the disease and your preferences as we have various treatments of prostate cancer available in the medical arena. The good news is that the technological advancements have brought in many gains in the cancer treatments as many health facilities have adopted the use of the latest equipments which has made the treatments simple and less taunting to the patient. Remember that it is not wise to hide the symptoms from close family members and friends who will offer you emotional support because the more you hide it, the more advanced it will get which will drastically reduce your survival rate. Another important advice is to get facts about prostate cancer through thorough research and study.

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