Prostate Cancer Treatment Options | Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer TreatmentProstate cancer has the highest survival rates among most cancer types affecting people all over the world. It is a slow growing type of cancer which is not easy to detect early unless test are done. That is why it is highly recommended that you go for routine medical checkups because it can save your life.

Health organizations continue to place awareness programs so that more men can go for testing to avoid the risks of developing prostate cancer. During the medical checks the doctor will do a rectum examination which will show the state of the glands. In case the glands shows some signs of abnormal growth and shape then the doctor will do biopsy test on a sample taken to determine the progression of the disease. After proper diagnosis, treatment is started and we have various options available all around the globe because of the advance in science and technological innovations that have brought about the use of latest equipments in medicine.
Prostate Cancer TreatmentProstate Cancer TreatmentProstate Cancer Treatment
Surgery: This is a very common type of prostate cancer treatment and it is done by the complete removal of the prostate glands. It is the best option when the cancerous cells are still within the gland and have not spread out to other organs. It is recommended during the early stages of the cancer. Make sure that you enlist professional doctors who will give you proper consultation and treatments.

Hormone Therapy: This treatment is done to change the production of hormones in the body. It is well proven and has shown great survival rates on patients that used the procedure. Drugs are given as shots to improve the patients’ health.

Radiation Treatment: This method is done by the use of radiation to kill and destroy the mutated cells within the prostate and other affected areas surrounding the gland. The doctor will place pellets into the prostate glands and use radiation to destroy the cancerous cells. The process usually takes weeks to complete and you will need your family for support and encouragement.

Chemotherapy: This procedure works like radiation only that they use drugs and not x-rays to fight the
cancerous cells. It is usually commended by doctors in addition to other types of treatments for example the tumor can be shrunk through chemotherapy and then surgically removed.

Alternative Procedures: There are other alternative treatment options which include immunotherapy where the immune system is boosted to fight the cancer. Gene therapy and lastly freezing of the cancerous cells.

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