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Prostate cancer affects only men and many organizations are creating awareness on the importance of regular checkups for early detection. This is important because it will increase your survival rates as compared to a patient who started treatment at an advanced stage. The treatments given in the initial stages are not as severe and thorough as the ones given in the later stages. Having an understanding on prostate cancer will enable you handle the disease and cope well from it. Information can be found on various sources, the internet is very resourceful as it has great websites with informative insights on prostate cancer. Medical journals and readers digest is also an important source of knowledge. The prostate gland is located below the bladder and it is responsible for the production of semen which is an important fertility element in male species.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: It is advised that you should always attend regular routine tests because it can help with early detection hence save your life at an early stage. During the physical examination you will explain to the doctor those symptoms of prostate cancers which are frequent urination, painful urination, difficult to maintain an erection, constant back and thigh pains. Digital examination is among the tests that are usually done and it will determine the status of the prostate glands. The doctor will be able t tell whether the gland is cancerous or normal. The main cause of prostate cancer has not been established even though surveys have discovered that it is highly common among the black ethnic groups due to the high levels of testosterone hormones.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options: The treatments are various and it will largely depend on the patient’s general health condition, the progress or stage of the cancer and their preferences which is determined by their financial ability. The testing done the digital rectal examination and prostate specific antigen tests and this will clearly indicate the status of the prostate glands. Before choosing a treatment option is important that you are well informed of other available treatments and their side effects and you should also take your time and do your own research so that you have relevant knowledge about the disease

They are:

1. Prostatectomy is the removal of the prostate gland and the lymph nodes.

2. Prostate radiation this is the use of radiation machines to completely destroy the cancerous cells. Technology has brought many benefits in health systems as they are able to employ the use of modern equipments to undertake the process.

3. Hormone therapy is done to reduce the levels of androgens hormones which are produced in the testicles. The patient will take monthly shots of the hormones and it is a gradual healing process.

Having a professional doctor is the best as you will be ensured of receiving the best medical care for prostate cancer.

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