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Prostate Cancer VaccineVaccines are very important both in preventive and management levels of a disease. Prostate cancer affects the prostate glands by developing cancerous cells on it and areas surrounding it. Scientists have come up with two kinds of cancer vaccines that have been proven and tested by pharmaceutical companies. The body is protected by the white blood cells which fight all the foreign bodies that want to affect the body system. Prostate cancer vaccines are created to assist the body to fight off cancer causing microbes. They are able to differentiate the normal cells from the mutated cancerous cells.

Types of Prostate cancer vaccines: Scientists have produced two forms of cancer vaccines which are for prevention from any form of cancer and also for strengthening the immune system in cases where one has prostate cancer. The vaccines for now are only available for clinical trials and are meant to treat the cancer and give you back a healthy life.
Prostate Cancer VaccineProstate Cancer VaccineProstate Cancer Vaccine
Provenge Vaccines: This vaccine has been developed to boost the body’s immune system and it is intended for the advance stages of prostate cancer. At this stage the body is weakened because the cancerous cells have spread out from the prostate glands to other vital organs surrounding the glands. At this stage the symptoms now become clear and the patient is hugely affected by that and has to seek for medical care.

This vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and that shows that it has been tested and approved to be used in humans. The vaccine is given by the removal of some white blood cells, these are the cells that are responsible for taking care of our immune system and it works by fighting every foreign body in our system. The cells are then exposed to a protein that is found on the prostate cancer cells. The white blood cells will fight the protein when the vaccine is injected. The trials are still on and it shows that some patients survived longer after the use of the vaccine. The main challenge is that the cost of vaccine is very high.

Side Effects: They have side effects and they include nausea, weakness, fever and fatigue. Some patients also react to the inflammation that is done using the needle. Cancer experts believe that the vaccines will work better if mixed with other cancer treatments, for example after radiation, a vaccine can be administered to boost the immune system and help the patient heal faster.

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