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Prostate Cancer TreatmentProstate cancer affects mostly men because it is caused by the mutations of cells in the prostate glands that is found in men’s reproductive system. These cells grow and multiply to other areas next to the glands and it is highly recommended that regular screenings should be done to ensure prevention and proper management of prostate cancer. The symptoms don’t show in the initial stages of the cancer and this can be detrimental if you don’t go for medical checks because by the time you will be seeking for medical assistance, the cancer cells would have spread and affected the vital organs that are surrounding the glands. When detected early the survival rate is very high as compared to when detected in the advance stages.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer: The symptoms will begin to manifest when the cancer has multiplied and spread to other areas. They include urinary complications like painful urination, frequent urination, very low flow of urine, blood in the urine and semen. Other signs that will affect you are difficulty to sustain an erection, painful erection and discomfort around the pelvic area. During the screenings, the doctor will undertake some tests which will determine the levels of cancerous cells in the glands. Once it is diagnosed that you have prostate cancer, treatments should start as soon as possible in order to prevent the cancerous cells from multiplying further.
Prostate Cancer TreatmentProstate Cancer TreatmentProstate Cancer Treatment
Treatments Available: The treatment will vary and determined by the stage of the cancer, the general health of the patient, age and family history. If you are treated during the early stages then you have more that ninety percent survival chance. The treatments available include surgical and non-surgical techniques and your doctor will have enough information to choose the most appropriate procedure for you.

Radiation Therapy: This is where pellets are put on the glands and x-ray machines are passed on it to destroy it completely. The process is tedious as it takes many weeks and the patient will have to make frequent trips to the doctor. If not done well then the chances of its reoccurrence are very high.

Radical prostatectomy: Is a surgical procedure that is done to remove the prostate glands and the affected lymph nodes. It is commonly done by most men since it completely clears the cancerous cells.

Hormone Therapy: This involves the injection of specific hormones which will stop the production of other hormones that aid the development of cancer in the body.

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