Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate Cancer ScreeningProstate Cancer experts’ advice that the best way to prevent cancer is to early detect the cancerous cells. They advice men that they should go for screening which will help the doctors detect prostate cancer. This is because in the early stages of the development of the cancer, there are still no visible symptoms that would alarm you to seek medical attention. Health organizations are creating awareness programs that educate men and give them opportunity to learn about the disease in order to take charge of their health.

Prostate Cancer Screening Procedures: We have two commonly used procedures by doctors all over the world. They include the digital rectum exam (DRE) which is a procedure that is done physically by the doctor by inserting the index finger on the rectum, this will enable the doctors to locate the prostate gland and check for its size. In cases of abnormalities or swelling immediate medical treatments are given to the patient, to prevent the cancerous cells from developing to other vital organs that are situated near the gland. Another test that is done during the screening sessions is the prostate specific antigen (PSA), in this procedure the blood test is done to check on the levels of protein which is situated in the prostate glands.
Prostate Cancer ScreeningProstate Cancer ScreeningProstate Cancer Screening
When the test shows high levels of the proteins it means that there is a possibility of prostate cancer in the patient. In other cases the doctors combine both the digital rectum exam and prostate specific antigen to determine the size of the glands. These glands are very important as they are responsible for the production of seminal fluids. Apart from these tests, the doctor can perform an ultra sound which will produce clear images of the prostate glands.

Facts: Prostate cancer is caused by the mutations of cells in the prostate glands, which if not detected early begins to grow and spreads to other important body organs like the kidneys, pancreas and lymph nodes. It has its risk factors which give you a higher chance of getting the cancer; they are age, family history, diet, ethnic group especially the black common because of their high levels of testosterone hormones. The symptoms will begin to manifest in the advance stages after the cancerous cells have spread out to other organs surrounding the prostate glands. There are many treatment options and your doctor will advice you on the best one to choose based on the progression of the disease in your system.

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