Prostate Cancer Statistics | Prostate Cancer Age Statistics

Prostate Cancer Statistics | Prostate Cancer Age Statistics

Prostate Cancer StatisticsThere is need for an understanding on the statistics of prostate cancer so that you are well informed on the disease. This is because many men are now coming out to be tested which is increasing their survival rates in high numbers. The mortality rate for prostate cancer is drastically reducing because of the increase on the awareness of the disease by health organizations like the American Cancer Society.

During the awareness programs, men are given free screening which is able to detect the cancerous cells in cases where there is any. They are given articles to read on the disease so that they are well informed on the subject. They are taught on ways of coping with the disease since the symptoms and treatments process can be so stressing and daunting.

Survival Statistics: Prostate cancer survival statistics largely depends on the stage of the disease in your body system. Men, who have the cancer detected early in their system, have the highest survival rates, since the doctors are able to treat the cancerous cells and heal it completely. This means that if many men go out and get tested early then the number of those succumbing to prostate cancer will reduced drastically. In developing countries the survival rates are a bit low because many don’t have access to proper medical care and it may be later when the symptoms occur that they seek for medical help. Others also cannot afford the high cost of cancer treatments and so they end up dying from its complications.
Prostate Cancer Statistics
Race Factor: The statistics are also very high on men with a higher risk factor of getting prostate cancer. For example it has been noted that the cancer is very common among the black ethnic communities and so they have the largest number of those who suffer from the disease. In addition other races also get prostate cancer but it is not as high as in black men.

Age and Family History Factor: Prostate cancer mostly affects men who are of the age of 50 years and above and so it is important to go for regular medical checks in order to check for the cancer. Statistics have proven that there is a higher rate for getting prostate cancer on men who have a family history of the disease since it is passed through the genes. We should know that cancer survival rates is almost 100 percent during the initial stages and it reduces to as low as 30 percent in the advances stages so for you to prevent the cancer, then you need to always attend medical checks for prostate cancer screening.

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